Prometheus Productions

Full service production company catering to agencies, bands and artists.

Elder Moments Episode 1

Trizetto end scene

Fall Form Episode 1

Smash Burger campaign

lottery campaign

nightlapse 1


Hobby Lobby outtakes


S U M M E R – F O R M ––– episode 4 ––– starring Ben

S U M M E R – F O R M ––– episode 3 ––– starring vin

S U M M E R – F O R M ––– episode 2 ––– starring Benj

S U M M E R – F O R M ––– episode 1 ––– starring Julie

Prometheus Productions Demo Reel 2014

10 assemble MASTER FULL RES

MA Maintenance


Prometheus Productions Demo Reel 2013

J&S Dancevid


Invisible wounds

Trizetto Draft1

La Lumiére

Departures draft12

Ben Nichols, Lucero, Into Your Eyes, Illegal Petes, Denver

wulong full

Muve Music Cricket Promo

Demo Reel August 2011

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake "Dead Mans Words"

Devotchka The Man fron San Sebastian

Devo County Fair

DEVOTCHKA-Making of Video


Spark Reel 2011

American Crew Brand 2011

Qwest Commercial

Managed Services, Qwest Commercial

Matter Printing Demo, Denver Art Museum

Vaux Switched On

Hot IQs, Firecracker, Music Video

Atheltic Document

Making of the Snake Rattle Rattle Snake Video

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake "Dead Men's Words"

Maybelines video

Gamits Video

June 2010 David Bowie Tribute Demo Reel

Two To Tango

Travel by Train

Other interests (Craft Film Fest Submission)

Jeremy Fish "A Road Less Traveled" 2010

Thank you Max

Kursk Ian Cooke